Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Woot! Woot!

I decided to bug the security folks again today, to see if they had made any progress with regards to my clearance. The nice gentleman who answered the phone verified
my name..."yep"
then he says, "hang on a second"
and then, he informs me that my Security Clearance was issued yesterday.

Glad I called.
This made my day.
Now I just wait on the final suitability. Hopefully that goes quickly.
Then, Bfiles, I'll take mine to go, and myself can share a celebratory bottle of wine in DC in January!


Donna said...

Hey, congrats! That's good news.

Bfiles said...

Congratulations!! That's excellent news. Looking forward to meeting you in DC someday (jan would be nice but I'm doubting it!).

Digger said...

Congrats! I hope your suitability review and time on the register go quickly!

Bfiles said...

so how does your orientation work? I'm a little sketchy on the specialists. Seems like it's very quick and then you're out the door. Do you get on a register with moving ranks like we do? I'm thinking not, but enlighten me!

Jen said...


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