Sunday, August 15, 2010

Option #1

Well, it would appear the Case manager chose option #1.  Need. More. Info.

My ex husband called today and says he has a meeting with the security agent on Tuesday. Apparently the case manager discovered he did not have anyone interview my ex. Hopefully this will be the last interview.

I was really hoping for the email.

Dear Mrs. Burkett,
We are pleased to inform you that we have issued you a TOP SECRET SECURITY CLEARANCE. Additionally, we will be sending out a package that will welcome you to the Foreign Service, and provide further details on your start date.

Mr. Top Secret Issuing Case Manager


fsowannabe said...

The clearance process is so frustrating! Best of luck that it gets resolved soon.

Bfiles said...

but it's good that something's happening...hopefully this will wrap it up.

sclawgrl said...

(Responding to your question on my blog) I'm not really sure how to advocate effectively for yourself at the final suitability review stage. I started by sending an e-mail to my HR coordinator (not sure who they are for the FSS folks) to let her know about the clearance. She told me it should take about 3 days for the FSR once they received my packet from security. I don't want to call as often as I did with security, b/c I don't want to drive her nuts, but I thought I'd check in two weeks (and continuing every two weeks from there) if I haven't heard anything. Hopefully your clearance will come through quickly after this last interview round. Fingers crossed!

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