Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good News/Bad News

Ok. So the good news is this: I spoke to a very nice lady in the final suitability dept. today and she told me she had just received my packet and should have an answer for me next week. That's exciting, right?
Then came the bad news...
The next specialist class that will have spots for health practitioners is MARCH!

Apparently there is a class in January, but they have no allotted spots for health practitioners. Bummer. She also told me there are several health practitioners already on the list. I am not positive, but I think she said there are openings for 4.

This really could take forever.


Bfiles said...

ugh, sorry to hear that. I'm setting my sights on March, too, as I don't think I'll make it into Jan/Feb generalist classes. So maybe we'll be starting at the same time! Regardless I'll cross fingers for you that you find a spot sooner.

Steph B said...

That'd be great! There's always a bright side, right? One thing I've learned so far, is that there are no guarantees, and in this process, everything changes. :)

Bfiles said...

indeed! that's practically the only constant. :)

sclawgrl said...

I'm so glad you got cleared - congrats! I'm hoping for early next year as well - if only the registers weren't growing SO rapidly. We'll see what happens.

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