Wednesday, March 17, 2010

more pool pics

more pool pictures...

I took this week off. It is spring break here. Lucky little devils, my kids get 2 weeks off! 2 full weeks! I can remember being in school and longing for that far in the distance one week...Its hard for parents, though...what do you do with them for 2 full weeks? So I took a week off. It has been fun. We didnt go anywhere. Just stayed home and enjoyed each other.
Tyler has worn out the x-box controllers. He is on the Call of Duty game pretty much from the time he arises (a little after 10-11a), til as late as we will let him stay up. Audrey and Owen have kept themselves busy chasing me around asking, "what are we gonna do today?"
On Mon. and Wed. we went swimming. I took them to a small waterpark in Chandler. It was awesome, warm weather, sunny, heated pool, and the kids loved it! On Wed, I let both of them take friends to the pool with us. I must say, the sun was a little warmer and brighter than I thought, and unfortunately, it left a little mark on me, so I imagine I will be sore tomorrow. My two little brown bunnies have rosy cheeks now, but quick as a wink, have become as brown as they are in the middle of summer.
As my time off winds down, I wonder what we will do those last few days. I would like to go hiking one day, if I can drag them that far. Their idea of a great day of spring break is likely not hiking. It may give me a chance to use my new camera though.
On Sunday I will be in Tucson for Tyler's last soccer tourny this year. Maybe if I am lucky, I may get a date night with my husband before the week comes to an end. Then it's back to work...